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Jul. 19th, 2020

[sticky post] tons of words, everywhere and everytime

Copy-paste-ing from wordpress, actually. Just feeling nice to move some of them here, because this site of mine is soooo dark. And needs two or three touches of colors. Ah, as for another information, no, I'm not feeling sorry for these. :)

The numbers beneath informing when I have made it, just for your information. :)

as the rain pours downCollapse )

denial is aCollapse )

i clickCollapse )

of uncertainty and discomfortCollapse )

olden days and sweet memoriesCollapse )

sweet things of agonyCollapse )

{ arranged alphabetically. }
{ underneath is new ones I have made, posted here only. }

new onesCollapse )

Jul. 21st, 2014

skies x

Making up for yesterday, since I haven't posted anything. Here you go.

o n eCollapse )

t w oCollapse )

k o y u k i

Jul. 17th, 2014

"today you - " "no, and go away"

My friend asked me to replace her to teach in virtual world. The first response I got from my very brain was; the... heck?! Because I really, I mean really, don't care about it anymore. But she's my friend, and friends help each other, right? So, yeah, I accepted it.

After responding it, I began to panic because whoa i just accepted it because of i'm miss morality and no this means i have to socialize and i'm bad at it just no. Great. Now, on to my new problem.

Material. Dammit. I had to research. Just, dammit dammit. Grumpily, I began researching the topic she gave to me as the lesson for today. Absolutely great, no?

I logged into my account. She had announced that she'd be replaced by me just for today. Students followed me and asked for follow-back. Okay, self-friendly and happy personality, now's the time to turn them on.

I responded them happily and cheerily, of course. This is my first time teaching, and I do want a good impression. After all, first time has to be good. But, if I don't get what I want, I'll eventually not care. Probably I'd delete my account and just disappear because all of them don't know me, the real me. And I don't care.

They are... quite nice, surprise surprise. The first real time I appeared, I did get good greetings and warm welcoming, but I accidentally made fun of a person - and no, I meant no harm - and (s)he responded not quite nice and I got depression. Thus, I never got a good feeling when I logged in my account because it still always haunts me. After that, I promised not to show the real me again. Just... masks. Happy, cheerful mask, and no one should know who the real person behind the mask is. Let's say it's like a Pandora box.

But, there are these questions and they rub my patience. So, you are the new professor, ne? and what will you teach prof? and are you replacing our professor?

You, dimwit, of course! I think the official account makes it clear, that I will be replacing your absent professor. No need to ask multiple times, alright?! Be thankful because of my mask aren't crumpling in anger now. I know you mean to be nice, but still...

Anyways, I have to start teaching at half past four, so, good luck for me!

Jul. 12th, 2014

ffn problem

fanfiction.net is being a @#(&*! now. or rather my laptop is. or google chrome, mozilla firefox and internet explorer decide to abandon me.

i have been spending my week, trying to open ffn.net but until now it doesn't want to be nor i am directed to internet positif things ;~; why?! is it because i haven't done my nanowrimo project because out of idea? ;;w;;

i hate this, really.

Jul. 6th, 2014

a journey to 'deal' with comments

a journey to 'deal' with comments
(--aka how i usually comment something in internet)

an idiot post, posted with such a bravery because she's absolutely an idiotCollapse )

Jul. 3rd, 2014

deep down in my heart

... i surely need to learn japanese quickly. i mean, quicker. i become desperate to read it really ;A; there are many doujinshi(s) that have good summaries but sadly they are written in japanese and i really don't understand that ;;;;;;

but, Lord loves me. there's a doujinshi named aonoao and it's written (or translated?) in english. you can't imagine how happy i was. it's currently my favorite doujinshi though~ <3 also eternal kid's really awesome in my opinion xD

alright. i have to do nanowrimo now, since i deleted tastes like strawberry because i became saturated of it. </3 don't blame me, i really am fast to lost interest in a thing <////3

vegraciexo -

Jun. 30th, 2014

shooshing away //


i have to stress myself for a week orz orz orz
and i haven't done my project that will begin tomorrow!

vegraciexo -
(who is wishing the best for her future)


14 hours!

i can't believe time moves so fast. buuuuut! i haven't finished my preparations, dammit D: i guess stressing so much isn't good for your schedule. so i'll off now - to type prelude and excerpt - also if i can, chapter one. bye!

vegraciexo -
(who is currently being busy in front of ms. word)

Jun. 27th, 2014

maunder in deep depths

i can't let emotion to appear. not again. the last time when i used my emotion is to get heartbroken. no, just no.

remember what they told you? never ever show your emotion to another. let them only see your mask, not through your mask. sometimes emotions can be used against people - and the last thing i want in the world is to know that my emotion is used against me

huffing in frustration, i continue the mantra - do not show your emotion. this is the best i can do, to prevent another hurt.

keep in mind that they don't know the real you. you are another peson in that world. keep collected, and stay calm. not a person who is talkactive, silly, insane - no. you are their wanna-be-professor, in their eyes, you are just a professor. nothing more, nothing less. bear that in mind.

you can do this, girl. just keep your emotion, stay calm, destroy your shyness, and live the life in that world.

vegraciexo -

heebie-jeebies; avowal

3 days to go!

i am placed in a good, chatty, and awesome cabin. people in there are also lovely. they don't ignore me, and the best thing is we support each other and it's nice. maybe for some people, this is just ordinary, but not for me. their supports are precious to me. and as the result, i get their spirit and now i've done the (supposed-to-be) fourth part of ten parts i've been planning.

to reach my goal, i ought to make at least 3k+ every part, so the total is 30k+
last camp, i typed until my fingers curling to get at least 20k+ (and a lil bit of cheating, ehm). i hope now i don't have to suffer like the previous one >>

let's hope the best, shan't we?

vegraciexo -

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